14 December 2022

Facebook ad policies that you need to know !

Having your Facebook ad rejected by the platform’s review team is a frustrating experience that most marketers will have to endure at some point in their careers. Creating a successful Facebook ad campaign requires careful attention to a number of factors, including picture selection, copywriting, and targeting. Nobody wants to see all this hard work go to waste.

If you want your ad to be seen by your audience, one of the first things you need to do is check the rules and regulations surrounding it. The worst feeling in the world is seeing your carefully crafted ad rejected. In this blog, we’ve compiled the most common reasons for ad rejection.

Copywriting Recommendations

It’s essential that you write compelling text for your Facebook ads if you want to increase conversions. This copy must comply with Facebook’s prohibited and restricted content guidelines and be pertinent to the advertised product or service and the intended audience in every respect.

Every ad you create must truthfully and accurately represent the advertised goods and services. Any misrepresentations of the product or service on offer will run the risk of ads getting rejected. It’s not only a bad idea to represent your company in this light, but it also contains the risk of your ad or ad account getting disabled.

The text in your ad needs to relate to both the ad’s image and the page it leads to. Facebook doesn’t tolerate dishonest tactics on the platform, so you need to be extra careful when crafting the copy on your ads to ensure everything is in order in this regard.

Facebook will also reject your ad if it contains errors in grammar or punctuation. Make absolutely sure that your advertisement contains no foul language, improper punctuation, or grammatical errors, and that it is written with perfect grammar.


Targeting your intended audience

Advertising to a specific demographic requires careful consideration of their interests, both to increase the likelihood of a sale and to comply with Facebook’s targeting policies. Your ads will be rejected if they appear to be directed at the incorrect audience or provide them with false or misleading information.

The choice of words has value. You can’t imply that you know personal details about individuals. No indication should be included in the ad that shares the advertiser’s racial, religious, economic, medical, or political demographics. Your ad is free to contain information about these characteristics; however, it may not indicate that you know or assume that the targeted user belongs to a particular group.

You can’t, for instance, advertise debt management services to a certain audience while implying that the user in question has money problems.

Additionally, custom Facebook audiences are subject to rules as well. If you’ve ever worked with Facebook Ads, you’re certainly familiar with the concept of custom audiences. If you’re doing any kind of Facebook advertising, you should definitely be using them. Facebook also offers specific instructions for generating these types of audiences if you are considering using them.


Your landing page

Facebook prohibits content that cannot be accessed, which includes broken landing pages. It is essential that the landing page that users are directed to when they click on your ad be completely operational. There are a lot of factors that could render your landing page broken.

Here’s a list of things to look out for:

  • Your ad will not be allowed if the content on your landing page is not relevant to the information presented in the ad.
  • Pages that indicate an error or that they are “under construction”. Your ad needs to link to a complete page.
  • Ensure that users have a positive experience. This means that the website must be functional and not contain any spyware, malware, or any other type of software that could lead to a misleading experience for users.
  • Ensure compliance at all times. A privacy policy, clearly indicated price and payment when necessary, and information on how to cancel a subscription must all be included on your landing page in order to comply with Facebook’s guidelines.

The entire purpose of your advertisement is to get individuals to click on it. As a result, you want the landing page that visitors see after clicking your ad to be flawless. To pass this step of the review process, make sure your ad’s landing page contains information that is relevant to the ad and fully functional.


Final words


It takes a lot of effort to advertise your products and services on Facebook. You need to consider not only content and copy, but also ad policies. However, if you follow Facebook’s ad regulations, your advertising experience will be flawless.

Be sure to double-check everything and, you should have no trouble promoting your product throughout Meta’s various platforms. If you ever need help with ads or ad accounts, Rockads is always available to assist you. For more information, please visit our website.

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