19 March 2024

What Is a Meta Authorized Sales Partners (ASPs) Program and What Are the Alternatives ?

Meta Authorized Sales Partners (ASPs) were carefully selected based on their commitment to delivering high-quality services, including strategic consultation and expertise in local solutions. They played a crucial role in helping advertisers and agencies achieve their business objectives by offering local support, strategic guidance, and deep knowledge across Meta’s product suite. These partners have undergone thorough vetting, training, and education by Meta to ensure they provided top-notch service.

According to a spokesperson, Meta has decided to phase out its authorized sales partner program by next July, however; you have a better solution: Rockads . Because; Rockads is not a part of Meta Authorized Sales Partners (ASPs) Program, you can work with Rockads to make your ads sustainable and continue to receive their services.

How Was an Authorized Sales Partner Able to Assist You

Expertise in Solutions

Sales professionals were knowledgeable about Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network, offering expertise in implementing effective solutions.

In Market Training

Access to workshops and Meta Blueprint allowed clients to acquire new and necessary skills.

Local Support

Dedicated support channels and direct points of contact were available in-region, providing personalized assistance.

Billing Convenience

Physical offices facilitated regional support, consulting, and billing in local currencies.

In-Depth Regional Experience

Campaign consultancy included insights from regional experiences, making it accessible to agencies and clients locally.

Campaign Metrics

 Partners assisted with setting up and consulting on measurement studies, such as brand-lift studies.

Explore Rockads As a New Solution for Agencies and Performance Marketers

Variety of Payment Options

Benefit from the flexibility of funding your balances using diverse payment methods, such as credit cards, bank transfers, Wise, Stripe, Payoneer, and even cryptocurrencies like USDT (subject to availability in your region). Contact our sales consultants for confirmation.

Transparent Ad Account Transactions

Monitor your transactions seamlessly with an intuitive overview screen, allowing you to track expenses within your account effortlessly. Analyze and adjust your campaign budgets efficiently with a clear, real-time overview of your financial activities.

Comprehensive Credit Line

The eagerly anticipated feature is now live! Enhance your Rockads experience with our latest update. Explore easy repayment options between ad accounts and credit accounts that you’ve been anticipating! Acquire and allocate ad credit through your single customer balance for all your accounts across various platforms. Reload, withdraw, and transfer ad credit from one platform to another.

Resilient Advertising Assets

With our reliable and esteemed advertising assets, your ads undergo swift approval, and advertising costs are optimally managed.


Embark on your Rockads journey today and uncover the hidden gem for top-tier agencies and performance marketers.

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