16 January 2023

My Facebook ad has been approved and then rejected later on. Why does it happen?

You’ve done all the hard work of creating a Facebook campaign, including the creatives, setting goals, and figuring out what demographics you want to reach. Now is the moment to send it in for Facebook’s approval before your ads go live. However, there are a few things you should know before attempting to pass the Facebook Ads evaluation with flying colors.


Nothing is more disheartening than putting a lot of time and effort into a campaign, only to have Facebook reject it. You can get the details of why your Facebook ads were rejected, but it’s always best to avoid it from the get-go. But sometimes Facebook can approve your ads, only to reject them sometime later. Why does this happen? What’s the process behind this?


In this blog post, we explore Facebook’s ad review process and why ads get approved only to be rejected later on.


The Basics

When ads get uploaded to Facebook, within the first few hours, the vast majority of ads are screened by an algorithm. And of those, nearly 70% are selected for a second round of human review within the first 48 hours. During either review process, ads may be rejected, meaning they will not be published and the advertiser will need to do some revisions to the ad or choose to appeal the decision.

New ads always need to complete the evaluation process. Even if your ad gets rejected, you can decide to make modifications. However, it isn’t exactly clear whether these changes will necessitate another round of reviews.

Don’t give up if your ads are rejected. It usually only takes a few minor adjustments to fine-tune your ad. If your Facebook ad doesn’t make the cut, you’ll get a detailed email from Facebook explaining why. You can also appeal the decision if you are confident that your ad should have been approved.

What precautions should you take?


Your first priority should be to determine whether or not your advertisement breaks any of the rules that govern Facebook’s advertisement guidelines. This is a very long list that goes on for tens of pages, and at first glance, some of the items on the list could appear to be a little bit hazy. It is recommended, however, that you read over the documentation in its entirety before sending your ad for approval. If your Facebook ad is rejected, you will receive a notification that outlines which rules are broken, along with a link to that guideline and, in many cases, advice on how to correct the issue.


In a nutshell, this indicates that you need to examine the guidelines once again to see whether or not your ad breaks any of them. This gives you a chance to modify your ad. If this isn’t possible for you, you might want to create another ad to make sure everything is in line with Facebook’s guidelines.

What’s the next step?


There’s no need to be stressed out if your ad gets rejected. First and foremost, make sure you received an e-mail from Facebook. This e-mail will explain the reasons why your ad was not approved. You should also check your Account Quality page, which shows every rejected ad and account restriction. You can also request a manual reevaluation after you update your ad from this page.


You might be able to update an ad that has been rejected for breaking Facebook’s Advertising Policies through the Ads Manager, or you can submit a brand new ad. Be sure to keep in mind that not all types of ads can be updated after they have been put together. If this is the case, you will need to create a brand-new ad, which will be evaluated in the same manner as the one that was submitted previously. As Facebook relies on human reviewers rather than automated processes at this stage, it is possible that this will take a little bit more time than the initial review did.


In a nutshell, advertisements are rejected all the time, and there is absolutely no reason to feel stressed out about this. The guidelines for Facebook ads are highly demanding, and advertisers are expected to abide by the lengthy list of requirements. If you make sure that everything is in line with the guidelines before submitting your new ad, you shouldn’t have any problems advertising your product on Facebook. Just make sure that you verify everything twice.


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