3 January 2024

Exploring Competitor Ads in the Meta Ad Library

Begin your journey in the Meta Ad Library by selecting a country in the search bar to view ads. Choose “All Ads” from the dropdown menu to ensure you don’t miss any advertisements.

Type in the name of your competitor, a keyword, or a topic in the search bar.

Next, select the country and ad category. Opting for “All Ads” provides a comprehensive view.

You’ll then see all the ads relevant to your query.

Navigating Ad Insights

On the results page, you can view all ads and learn about their details.

Each ad card reveals the following:

  • Ad Status: Whether the ad is currently running (active) or not (inactive).
  • Ad Duration: The start date of the ad, and if it’s inactive, the end date.
  • Ad Platforms: The social platforms where the ad was featured, such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Special Category Flags: Indicators for ads in sensitive categories like credit, employment, housing, or political issues.

Below each ad, the “See ad details” option provides access to different ad versions, showcasing various media, headlines, descriptions, or calls to action.

Utilizing Filters

To narrow down your search, the Ad Library offers filters to examine ads based on:

  • Language
  • Platform: Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, or Messenger
  • Media Type: Images, memes, videos, or text-only
  • Status: Active or inactive
  • Date Range: Any period within the last seven years

Identifying Competitor Ads

The Meta Ad Library is an invaluable tool for researching competitors’ Facebook Ads.

To discover a company’s Facebook Ads, navigate to the Ad Library, select the target country, and enter the business name. Remember, the ads are usually linked to their Facebook page.

You can view all ads associated with that advertiser from the past seven years. For example, all of Comcast Business’ ~2.100 ads are accessible to the public.

Discover More Uses for the Facebook Ad Library The Facebook Ad Library isn’t just for checking out your competitors’ ads—it’s a versatile tool that can enhance various facets of your marketing approach.

Spark Creativity

 Leverage the Facebook Ad Library’s search functionality to ignite creativity in your Facebook ad campaigns. By entering keywords or themes related to your industry, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of fresh ads from similar businesses.

Inspiration at Your Fingertips 

Whether you’re new to Facebook Ads or seeking innovative concepts, the Ad Library serves as a rich source of daily inspiration. It’s an excellent starting point for crafting engaging social media advertisements that resonate on Facebook and other platforms.

Ad Analysis Self-Check 

Ever scrutinized your own Facebook and Instagram advertisements? The Facebook Ad Library offers a window into your ad history.

A review of your outcomes could reveal chances to revitalize and enhance your ads. Perhaps it’s time to refresh your visuals, experiment with different ad text, or introduce new calls to action? Maybe showcase a new offering?

Competitor Insight 

Remember, just as you’re delving into the Facebook Ad Library to monitor competitors, they might be doing the same with your ads. Make sure your ads are worth their attention!

Agency Strategy 

Agencies can leverage the Facebook Ad Library for client acquisition, too. Before engaging with a potential client, it can help you:

  • Assess Current Ads: Determine if the prospect has active Facebook ads. This knowledge helps tailor your pitch to their familiarity with social advertising.
  • Historical Ad Activity: Discovering inactive ads could provide insights into their past marketing efforts and help you understand their business cycles.
  • Team Size Evaluation: The Meta Ad Library reveals who manages a page and their location. This information can guide your approach, whether it’s a solo practitioner or a global team like Netflix’s 200-strong social media army.

Stand Out with Meta Ad Library 

With increasing advertisers on Facebook, the competition intensifies. However, the Meta Ad Library levels the playing field. It’s updated daily with new ads, allowing savvy marketers to stay ahead by analyzing top-performing content across Facebook.

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