5 December 2023

Why Does Facebook Ads Review Take So Long? | A Guide For Fast Ad Approval Process!

Embarking on the journey of Facebook advertising comes with its own set of challenges, and perhaps one of the most common queries revolves around the enigmatic process of ad approval. 

While Facebook provides a structured procedure outlining the steps and estimated time for ad reviews, the reality often unfolds as a nuanced dance between algorithms and human scrutiny. In this exploration, we’ll unravel the intricacies of the Facebook ads review process and glean insights into the factors that influence its duration.

Strategies for Accelerating Ad Reviews

While there’s no official expediting mechanism, advertisers can adopt pragmatic approaches:

1. Strategic Publishing Times:  Aim to submit ads between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, for potentially faster reviews. 

2. Consistency is Key: Ad accounts with a history of compliant ads are less likely to face denials. Maintain consistency to build a favorable track record.

3. Adherence to Rules: Avoid pushing the boundaries of Facebook’s advertising rules. While appealing denials is an option, it consumes valuable time.

4. Publishing in Peak Periods: Recognize the peak period surge in ad activity leading to the holiday season. Submit ads well in advance to navigate the heightened review load.

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The Three-Step Ballet of Facebook Ad Reviews

According to Facebook’s official stance, the ad review process comprises three simple steps:

1. Submission or Editing: As an advertiser, you submit or edit your ad, triggering the commencement of the review process.

2. Review Phase: Your ad undergoes a meticulous review, a blend of automated algorithms and human evaluators.

3. Outcome Notification: Facebook communicates the approval or denial of your ad via email and/or notifications within your account. Approved ads are seamlessly published, and you can start tracking results in Ads Manager.

The Dichotomy of Automated and Human Reviews

While Facebook asserts a reliance on automated reviews, there’s an underlying acknowledgment of human intervention. 

Human reviewers play a crucial role in refining automated systems and, at times, conduct specific ad assessments. This hybrid approach aims to enhance the accuracy and fairness of the review process.

Triggers for Facebook Ad Reviews

Two primary scenarios prompt a Facebook ad review:

1. New Ad Creation: Introducing a new ad to the platform initiates a review.

2. Modifications to Existing Ads: Any alterations, such as changes in creative elements, audience targeting, or optimization goals, trigger a reevaluation.

Decoding the Approval Time Conundrum

There is still a mystery surrounding the temporal aspect of Facebook ad reviews. Despite the fact that Facebook recommends that review decisions should be made within 24 hours, real-life scenarios vary from swift approvals to cases where days pass before a decision is made. There may be an explanation for sudden reversals in ad status caused by a quick approval by an automated system, followed by an additional manual review.

Ad Denial: Understanding the Consequences

The Facebook Account Quality page gives a clear explanation of what isn’t right with the ad when it comes to denials. 

Occasionally, infractions of rules may only result in denials of access, but committing a pattern of violations that cause consistent consequences could escalate those consequences, possibly leading to restrictions on access to your account.

Rescuing Your Ad from Limbo

Common but unofficial methods you will see on the web about the approval process are:

1. Force a Review: Utilize Facebook’s form submission to trigger a review.

2. Contact With Support: If the form proves ineffective, resort to the Facebook Business Help Center’s chat support for assistance.

But these are not what it looks like, contacting with support or a reply to your form submission takes a lot of time and requires effort.

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